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Uncover the true value of your property

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Is the rateable value (RV) sufficient?

It's important to keep in mind that local councils perform property evaluations every three years, and they do not take current market conditions into account. They may also overlook improvements made to the property. Hence, we suggest that the RV (or CV) be used as a general indication only.

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Online-based valuations

Numerous websites provide a value range based on a combination of information from comparable property sales, listing details, and user behavior. Although helpful, these websites are unable to provide a complete assessment by taking into account factors such as improvements, statistics, and the environment.

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A FREE appraisal from a property professional

Our property appraisals are based on up-to-date and practical knowledge. When you ask "What is my property worth?" we examine similar properties that have been sold, the unique features of your property, the location, school zones, and much more. Only a knowledgeable human being can provide you with an accurate valuation of your property.

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